what you get

What you get

Blending cutting edge technology into your organisation, enabling strategic flexibility and simplifying your technical landscape, TravelBox is the next generation travel software solution of choice for forward-thinking travel companies across the world, not least because of TravelBox’s maturity, proven track record, flexibility, speed and resilience.

TravelBox Product:

  • Enterprise travel management reservations booking engine and global distribution solution
  • Fully managed own inventory and 3rd party bi-directional connections
  • Fully automated end-to-end workflow – pre sales, sales, post sales and accounts
  • Smart packaging, bundling and un-bundling of multiple product types
  • Customer profile management (B2B B2C B2B2B)
  • Full supply chain management within one platform
  • Automated cache management
  • Intelligent aggregation
  • Content management
  • Multi-company, multi-brand, multi-channel, multi lingual and multi-currency
  • Global and multi-media (mobile, web and contact centre) distribution
  • Automated dynamic terms and conditions calculations
  • Intelligent results using AI scoring multiplier
  • Automated document generation and communications
  • Automated ticketing robot
  • Automated queue / workflow management
  • Platform and third party performance dashboard monitoring
  • Fully automated travel accounting, supplier accruals and taxation management
  • Easily configurable intelligent rule engines
  • Scalable for high volume and performance optimisation

Multiple and Revolutionary Booking Flows

TravelBox supports multiple booking flows which clients can elect to operate as they prefer. The flows can also be mixed within a single order / booking file i.e. a single order could contain some products sourced using dynamic packaging in conjunction with others sourced using elite packaging, there is no limit.

Via the web services API (SOA and native APIs are available) TravelBox can expose the booking flows for any media channel including mobile we have recently released an online call centre interface built on HTML5

Each flow, as outlined below, is supported by dynamic rule based pricing and promotion strategies including opaque pricing capabilities plus sales channel, source market and customer recognition and smart upselling / forced components i.e. auto include additional components and services (compulsory, optional or selection group)

  • Dynamic Packaging – true dynamic packaging, creating a bundle of products / services on request
  • Pre-built Packaging – pre-defined itineraries and product marriages but with ability to flex and select alternatives.
  • Wide Search / Elite Packaging – a hybrid of dynamic and pre-built packaging where the business can pre-define itinerary templates and TravelBox will automatically build every possible itinerary candidate then apply revenue management style scoring algorithms based upon yield and bookability and intelligence to deliver logical holiday results and maximise profitability.

Flexible but Controlled

The flexibility of TravelBox delivers greater control over your business. Workflows and automations exist in order to ensure quality - that products are correctly priced, that discounts aren’t bigger than approved, that users can only do what they are entitled to do, and that all sub-divisions and channels are controlled.

High Speed Delivery

The intuitive user-interface is quick to learn and simple to use. TravelBox customers have reported reductions in contract-loading times of around 75% and reductions in sales centre call handling times of around 25% over predecessor systems.

Technically Advanced

TravelBox uses an adaptable, open architecture, allowing its users confidence that it can move with the times. It is also horizontally, almost linearly scalable, meaning that customers do not need to upgrade or change the platforms as they grow.


The system has been thoroughly scale and load-tested to levels far beyond current requirements to optimise performance for some of the world’s largest tour operators who use the reservation platform.

Travel Benefits all

Directors and shareholders will enjoy the financial efficiencies and cost-savings that TravelBox can bring and will see the benefits of the advanced and flexible technology, along with the depth of knowledge and support that is provided by CodeGen’s dedicated staff, alongside our implementation project teams. Front line sales staff will see the inherent benefits of using a system that has been built using real actors and that is easy to learn and to use. The business efficiencies will quickly become evident allowing staff more time to concentrate on securing sales rather than administration.

At CodeGen we believe that TravelBox is the most complete, flexible and modern travel technology suite available in the market today, and will continue to be so with our Research & Development teams new ideas and developments that will keep TravelBox ahead of our competitors.