With the increasing complexities with today’s technology, and as we develop more sophisticated solutions to benefit our clients, it is inevitable that difficulties sometimes arise, and it is how we manage and deal with these issues that will set us aside from our competition. As a result, we view customer support as a vital ingredient of the overall service CodeGen provide for TravelBox clients.

All the TravelBox clients will be provided as standard with “Support” on different levels. Firstly, a CodeGen assign all clients with a Client Account Manager, who will manage any business related issues, general help, advice and training, that are raised by clients during the course of the usual working hours.

Our Technical Support program offers access 24/7 for 365 days per year to the Support Team, based at our substantial Development Centre. The role of the Support Team, is primarily to assist clients and users to solve any specific technical problems with a product and to ensure that any issues raised are managed in a professional and efficient manner, in accordance with our service level agreements.

The Support Team will make use of a range of different media (SMS, Online Chat, E-Mail, Fax, Remote Network Support or by phone) to address many basic software problems that may occur. CodeGen employ and extensively advocate the use of web-based bug reporting and tracking tools, for clarity and transparency of how each reported item progresses to a conclusion.

With a tried-and-tested escalation procedure in place for more complex issues, CodeGen clients can be assured that we will undertake to solve all reported issues in accordance with the severity and affect, it may have upon normal business operations.